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The Party Shrimp is an interactive, visual walkabout performance for children (5+), and families from Adrenalism. Physical theatre, movement and inventive costumes combine to create an enchanting theatrical experience that is simultaneously alien and recognisable, exploring the bonds of friendship, hierarchy, otherness and wonder. It has been recently created with support from Creative Scotland and will premiered at Manipulate Festival’s Launch event on February 2nd 2023.


An ancient, mythical, slightly ridiculous military admiral from another world (or maybe the seabed) and their loyal but hapless assistant drift through space, sensing out the very best place for a party. When they sense the mood is right, a ritualistic dance bursts from the shrimp, contrasting his otherwise slow drift through the watery atmosphere. Once this action has been performed, any site is, as if by magic, ready for soirees of the future.


The work will gently and non-verbally interact with surrounding audiences, encouraging them on a journey of spontaneous celebration through wonder and weirdness. The walkabout nature will animate the in-between, appearing and disappearing throughout your program.

The Party Shrimp

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