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(It’s not Ugly its just plain fowl)


The Good, The Bad and The Poultry can exist anywhere for either a found or invited audience. Featuring a three-hen shootout, a walkabout chicken coop and a live chicken band prepare for an eggciting scramble of non verbal exploration of fear and 'coop-eration.'


Give a man a chicken and he'll eat for a day, give a chicken a gun and he'll be the most ‘impeckable’ gunslinger this side of Texas. This clown is a chicken, but don't let him hear you call him that- anatomically he's more of a cock- he likes to make poultry in motion. But he’s not alone… Two chickens, a turkey and ‘Hennio Morricone’ (the live poultry band) along with audience members of all ages; work together to explore being brave in the face of ‘danger’ to create the grand shootout finale of every cowboy film evermade.


Throughout the piece they incorporate the audience all the while figuring out who stole the giant golden egg... It's high noon, and the cockerels must crow... draw their guns and go and hide.... Do you feel clucky punk?


‘Great job. You made me cry laugh!’


‘It was so funny, stunning, EGGcellent’

The Good, The bad and The Poultry

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