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“HEY IDIOTS, TEXT ME YOUR CLIMATE CHANGE SOLUTIONS!” is an exciting new outdoor, interactive theatre show about the climate crisis, toxic masculinity, violence and responsibility.


Physical theatre, interactive improv theatre, music, movement and inventive costumes combine to create a highly satirical, entertaining and thought-provoking experience about the toxic personalities and systems contributing to the biggest challenge of our times. Warren and Stew are two middling public relations managers from a fossil fuel multinational.


Fully socially distanced, the duo charm, hassle, cajole and provoke the audience into contributing imaginative blue-sky-thinking solutions to climate change. Audience solutions are improved, picked apart, discarded and road-tested until the spectacular climax reveals just how hopelessly out-of-their-depth and actively obstructive the two really are.


ADRENALISM were a recipient of the SURGE Outdoor Arts Bursary 2021 with support from the Creative Scotland Open Project Fund.

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